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Michel Cadoret, impassioned photographer


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You wonder which camera I use ?

I have 2 digital cameras :

  • Nikon D70 with lenses  18-70mm and 18-200mm vr Nikon, 80-400mm os and 10-20 mm Sigma, macro 90mm Tamron and a Nikon flash sb-800.  Nikon D70, a beautiful camera once controlled, superb images.
  • Fuji FinePix S602Zoom, a joy of use.

Before, I was using as silver camera :

  • Canon Élan II 35mm, we made team lasting of many years...

You have questions, you wish to share your passion for photography with me ? Comment on some photos or even send me yours ? Or to order one ?

Contact-me !!!

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so long !   Michel C.